Hey, all you gorgeous people!

Welcome to my page of healing, love, guidance and messages from the other side of life.

My name is Kirsty and I am what is known as a lightworker!
I am a professional and fully insured, psychic medium who has been aware of my abilities my whole life, however, sometimes that needs pointed out to us and when this came around to me, I embraced that with my entire being.
Bringing comfort to others through my abilities has become my passion.
Growing up and being known as ‘weird’ kinda takes it toll, until you find your true calling. This has also inspired to me to help others on the path to find theirs.

I have been using my abilities professionally for a number of years now both in demonstration and in private sittings. I use a number of disciplines to connect you to your loved ones on the higher side of life, these include; Tarot cards, Angel cards, Oracle cards, psychometry and mediumship.
I also offer a healing service on its own completely free of charge, where each week within my own private development circle we will channel our healing intentions together with all those who need it in mind.

My readings are done with the greatest of intentions for your highest good and the aim is to comfort and uplift the sitter.
I am also available for various events, i.e. church demonstrations, charity work, 1 to 1 sittings, email readings, skype readings, house parties, 1 to 1 development work on self and more.

For further enquiries please feel free to send a message to my page, drop an email, text or phone the above number.

My contact details are as follows:

Phone: 0757 281 7684
Email: k.mcgregor3@icloud.com

I look forward to making contact not only with your loved ones but with yourselves.

Blessings and love to you all xxx ♥ xxx